February 16, 2012

character design and some charcoal studies

design based on a description of bill sikes from oliver twist.
was planning on makin it all pretty n shi, but i thnk its best to move on to new things instead!

and these are older charcoal lighting studies from the first 2-3 weeks of that lighting class, the last one is cool with the wonky anatomy goin on

February 7, 2012

round dos

second class! kinda tried a different approach each time, makes me confused tho

it gets messy in there

February 3, 2012

lady doing a thing

i have this painting light class which is fun
this past class i used oils for the first time, heres one attempt

more from that soon !

February 1, 2012

film characters

bout 6 weeks to make a minute film, hopefully with these guys

probably wont be the colors, but it feels good to be makin drawings more presentable !