March 21, 2012

more color studies

more studies i did yesterday
the top study is super small, like 4 x 3, it was fun !

really wish i had the time to do more of these outside of that class

March 14, 2012

color studies

studies on the left, photos my teacher took on the right
top one was ~ 40 minutes and the bottom was around ~ 10

this stuff is so much fun and a lot less tense than the model stuff haha
being patient and cleaning your brush often is so important, i made no mess !

March 9, 2012

cup o doodle thing

something i did for the cup o' doodle blog ! 

March 2, 2012

pinky out

many pictures were taken last night, so here's a drawin i did of my friend during our bubble blowing session yesterday

id like to think her skin is white not for design's sake, but for my attempts towards realism

and that's my b-bro doing something

and an older thing !